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ADAPT CRM - Real Time Accounting Integration

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Real-Time Accounting/ERP Integration -
Ensure Profitability

Without the ability to access your “books,” understand customer purchase patterns or relevant customer collections issues, it is virtually impossible for your organization to ensure profitability. ADAPTcrm's real-time accounting/ERP interfaces seamlessly link ADAPTcrm to many industry-standard, mid-range systems. Our pre-built interfaces preserve the investment in your accounting system while extending critical back office application functions into the front office in order to eliminate duplicate entries.

One of the leading challenges in implementing a customer relationship management system in business is integrating it with the other databases already in place. For most companies, this means integrating your CRM system with “back office” software like an accounting or ERP system. In fact, your accounting system is probably the most complete and accurate source of information about your customers. It is therefore essential that your CRM Software be able to access this information and make it available to the employees who talk to your customers.

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Integrating the Front and Back Office
The following are the most common problems resulting from a failure to integrate your front and back office systems:

  • “I change a customer’s phone number in my CRM, but the old phone number still shows in my accounting system.” “When my salespeople take orders, the information must be retyped into my accounting system.” “My salespeople cannot see current item pricing or availability unless they switch back and forth between the CRM and accounting system.” “When a customer calls to check whether an order shipped, my service staff has to check with shipping.” “My collections department has no idea whether they are service problems when they make collection calls.”
  • “My salespeople don’t see the credit status of customers and are trying to close new sales to delinquent customers.”

ADAPTcrm solves this problem by providing out-of-the-box, pre-built integration to many commonly used accounting and ERP (enterprise resource planning) Systems. Rather than separately implementing solutions for each department of your company and then trying to integrate all the pieces after the fact, ADAPTcrm lets you implement a single solution for the entire business.

The purpose of the ADAPTcrm accounting interfaces is to provide ADAPTcrm users live access to important data in your accounting or ERP software that will help close sales, improve service and improve collections. This data is presented directly from the account record in ADAPTcrm, eliminating the need to exit or switch screens.

Features of the Accounting Interfaces
Although the specific features of the accounting interfaces depend on which interface is selected, most share the following key features. What makes ADAPTcrm different from most CRM products is the fact that the interfaces are real-time. You are accessing up-to-the-minute data rather than records that were copied at an earlier time and not necessarily current.

  • Real-Time Database Synchronization. When changes are made to certain fields in ADAPTcrm that are common to your accounting system – such as names, addresses and phone numbers – ADAPTcrm makes the identical change to the corresponding customer or vendor records in your accounting system. This keeps the accounting database in sync with ADAPTcrm.

  • Batch Import of Customers/Vendors. The existing customers and vendors in your accounting system can be automatically imported into ADAPTcrm so that you can immediately start marketing, selling to and supporting your existing customer base.

  • Conversion of Prospects to Customers. When you close your first sale to a prospect, ADAPTcrm will automatically create a correctly structured customer record in your accounting system, eliminating the need for double-entry.

Available Accounting Interfaces
To help you quickly integrate your “front office” and “back office” operations, ADAPTcrm includes pre-built interfaces to many popular accounting systems. This prevents the need to spend a lot of time and money hiring consultants or programmers to integrate your CRM and ERP system. Furthermore, because ADAPTcrm integrates with many accounting systems, you are not tied to the only choice for accounting and CRM products that many software providers offer.

The specific features of each interface vary based on the accounting system. Please contact ADAPT Software Applications for current availability and detailed descriptions of features.

ADAPTsdk can also be used to develop your own interfaces to accounting systems and other business software not already supported by ADAPTcrm.

  • Microsoft Great Plains. Great Plains is the top selling accounting and business management software system from Microsoft Great Plains Business Solutions.

  • SYSPRO. SYSPRO is an ERP system from SYSPRO Software designed for discrete manufacturing, distribution and accounting.

  • Macola Progression. Progression is an ERP system from Exact Software for discrete manufacturing, distribution and accounting.

  • MAS 90/200. MAS 90/200 from Best Software are widely used accounting systems focused on small to medium-sized businesses.